Screencasts & Tutorials

Basic Functionality + Floating Panes + Command Panes + Scrollback Editing

Here we demonstrate some of the more basic functionality of Zellij and terminal multiplexers in general.

We’ll show how to open multiple terminal tiled and floating panes.

Instead of retyping a command or searching through our shell history, we’ll see how we can use Command Panes to keep frequently run commands around. Finally, we’ll talk about editing a pane’s scrollback with our own $EDITOR


This tutorial walks you through creating Zellij layouts to automate tasks and workflows.

Layouts describe a pre-defined set of panes and tabs with different terminals, commands and plugins. They can be great to automate and formalize workflows and tasks.

Session Management

Do you find yourself jumping between tasks a lot?

When using the terminal, we often open new terminal windows for different tasks, ending up with a mess of open terminals. This can lead to difficulty and overhead when switching contexts: we often end up searching for commands through our shell history, keeping complex notes and having to rebuild our environment every time we return to a task. Zellij can solve these problems and more for us with the session-manager and welcome-screen.


Stop wasting time traversing through your filesystem manually!

Use the Zellij filepicker to get a dynamic file exploration experience, complete with fuzzy-finding and autocompletion right in your terminal.