Zellij 0.39.0: Session Resurrection, Cross-Language UI Components, load Plugins from the Web

Zellij session manager resurrection screen

Session Resurrection

Zellij now includes built-in session resurrection capabilities. This means that Zellij sessions can be restored after reboots or graceful quits. Attaching to an exited session will resurrect it, allowing users to keep long-running named workspaces. Sessions are serialized as Human readable Zellij layouts, so they can also be shared across machines or between friends.

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Special thanks to @AlixBernard for implementing the serialization algorithm, as well as to @alekspickle for helping integrate the algorithm with our code base. Without them this feature would not have come to be.

Cross-Language UI Components

Cross platform ui components

This release gives Zellij plugins the ability to render beautiful and consistent UI components to build their visual layer. These components are cross-language, being serialized as private ANSI escape codes. Indeed, the Session Resurrection screen from the section above was developed exclusively with these components.

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Load Plugins from the Web

This release allows users to load Zellij plugins from the web with an http(s) prefix. This prefix will work inside layouts as well as when loading plugins at runtime.

This release also adds a zellij plugin CLI command, allowing users to eg.

zellij plugin -- https://example.com/plugin.wasm

or indeed

zellij plugin --floating -- https://example.com/plugin.wasm

Special thanks to @jaeheonji for designing and implementing this feature.

Allow Renaming Sessions

Allow renaming sessions

One of the most requested features after the recently added session-manager allowed users to switch between sessions was the ability to rename sessions.

This release adds this ability, both as a CLI command:

zellij action rename-session my-fantastic-session-new

or from the session-manager inside a running session: (Ctrl o + w).

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