Please see the up-to-date documentation for the most recent features.

The Zellij keybindings are grouped into different modes, which are a logical separation meant to reduce the mental overhead and allow to duplicate shortcuts in different situations.


This is the default mode Zellij starts with. By default it provides the ability to switch to different modes, as well as some quick navigation shortcuts.


This mode "locks" the interface, disabling all keybindings except one that would switch to "normal" mode (ctrl-g by default). It is intended to give users a workaround in case one of the default keybindings overrides something they use in their terminal. (eg. ctrl-r for reverse history search in bash).


This mode includes instructions that manipulate the different panes. Eg. adding new panes, closing panes and moving the focused pane.


This mode includes instructions that manipulate the different tabs. Eg. adding new tabs, closing tabs, moving the active tab, and toggling a "sync" mode that sends text to all panes in the current tab.


This mode allows the resizing of the focused pane.


This mode allows scrolling up/down within the focused pane.


This mode allows detaching from a session.