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Known Issues

The status bar fonts don't render correctly:

This most likely is caused by a missing character in the font.

Fonts from nerdfonts can fix this problem.

Some Options:

Package ManagerName

Post installation the appropriate environment needs to be aware of the font.

Alt button mapping on darwin systems:

This can be mitigated individually on a terminal emulator level, some inspiration can be found here.

Pane frame title has issues with kitty:

This sadly seems to be an issue that can not be mitigated easily, more information can be found here.

Mouse issues:

If mouse_mode is turned on zellij handles these events, zellij provides an escape mechanism in the form of the SHIFT Key, once it is pressed zellij lets the terminal handle selection, clicking on links, copying, scrolling.

More information can be found here

Clipboard not working:

This is a known problem which mostly occurs in specific terminal emulators under Linux/OS X such as GNOMEs default Terminal, terminator, and more.

A workaround for this was added in zellij > 0.24.0 and enables the user to specify a custom command that copies selected text to the system clipboard. Refer to lines containing "copy_command" from the output of zellij setup --dump-config.

For technical background, refer to this issue and this merge request

Backspace sending ctrl-h (entering into Move mode)

This can happen in some terminal emulators (eg. Xterm). It can be remedied either on the terminal emulator side by getting the terminal emulator to send ^? instead of ^H, or on the Zellij side by remapping ctrl-h to some other key. Here's an example fix in xterm: