Please see the up-to-date documentation for the most recent features.

These are the actions that can be assigned to key sequences when configuring keybindings. Or that can be invoked by the zellij action command.


Quit Zellij.


Detach from the currently running Zellij session.

MovePane: <Direction>

Move the currently focused pane in a direction.

SwitchToMode: <InputMode>

Switch to the specified input mode. The mode should be capitalized, eg. SwitchToMode: Normal.

Note that there's a "hidden" mode called RenameTab which can be used in order to trigger the renaming of a tab.

Resize: <Direction>

Resize focused pane in the specified direction. Direction should be one of Left, Right, Up, Down, Increase, or Decrease.

Example: Resize: Down


Switch focus to next pane to the right or below if on screen edge.


Switch focus to next pane to the left or above if on screen edge.


Switch focus to pane with the next ID (this is mostly left around for legacy support, FocusNextPane or FocusPreviousPane should be preferred).

MoveFocus: <Direction>

Move focus to the pane with the greatest overlap with the current pane in the specified direction. Direction should be one of Left, Right, Up or Down.

eg. MoveFocus: Left


Scroll up 1 line inside the focused pane.


Scroll down 1 line inside the focused pane.


Scroll up one page in the focused pane.


Scroll down one page in the focused pane.


Toggle between fullscreen focus pane and normal layout.


Toggle between pane frames and normal layout.


Toggle between sending text commands to all panes on the current tab and just the focused pane.


Switch between the most recently used tabs.


Toggle between floating, and embedded panes.


Toggle a specific pane between floating, and embedded mode.

NewPane: <Direction>

Open a new pane in the specified direction (relative to focus). If no direction is specified, will try to use the biggest available space. Direction should be one of Left, Right, Up or Down. Specifying no direction should be done by introducing a space character (this is a bug and should be fixed).

eg. NewPane: Left or NewPane:


Close the focused pane.

NewTab: <TabLayout>

Create a new tab. Optionally with the provided tab-layout.




NewTab: {
  direction: Vertical,
  parts: [
  direction: Vertical,
  direction: Horizontal,

a slightly more expansive example:

        - action: [
          NewTab: {
  name: "a new tab",
  parts: [
    {direction: Vertical, parts: [ pane_name: "testing", pane_name: "building" ]},
    {pane_name: "I should have focus", focus: true},
          key: [ Char: '7',]


Go to the next tab.


Go to the previous tab.


Close the current tab.

GoToTab: <index>

Go to the tab of the specified index.

Run: {cmd: <path>}

Run the specified command in a new pane. A comma separated list of arguments, or the split direction is optional:

Run: {cmd: <path>, args: [ARGS], direction: <direction>}

Write: [bytes]

Write the specified bytes in the focused pane.

WriteChars: <characters>

Write the specified characters in the focused pane.

DumpScreen: <path>

Dump the scrollback of the currently selected pane inside of a selected file.


Edit the scrollback buffer inside of your specified $EDITOR, or $VISUAL.