Zellij Edit

It's possible to open your default editor pointed at a file in a new Zellij pane.

This can be useful to save time instead of opening a new pane and starting your default editor inside it manually.


$ zellij edit ./main.rs # open main.rs in a new pane
$ zellij edit --floating ./main.rs # open main.rs in a new floating pane
$ zellij edit ./main.rs --line-number 10 # open main.rs pointed at line number 10

Possible Options:

    -d, --direction <DIRECTION>
    -f, --floating
    -l, --line-number <LINE_NUMBER>

Note: The default editor is anything set in $EDITOR or $VISUAL - alternatively, it can be set explicitly with the scrollback_editor configuration option.

Another Note: To shorten this command, see Cli Completions