Plugin Development Environment

For Rust plugins, Zellij provides an example plugin that also includes a development environment for plugin developers.

This development environment is created by the following Zellij layout (truncated here for clarity)

// plugin-development-workspace.kdl
layout {
    // ...
    pane edit="src/"
    pane edit="Cargo.toml"
    pane command="bash" { // could also be done with watchexec or something similar
        args "-c" "cargo build && zellij action start-or-reload-plugin file:target/wasm32-wasi/debug/rust-plugin-example.wasm"
    pane {
        plugin location="file:target/wasm32-wasi/debug/rust-plugin-example.wasm"
    // ...

Please check the example repository for the full version

This layout is intended to be loaded into Zellij (either in a running session or in a new session), to load the user's default $EDITOR to the and Cargo.toml files, show the rendered plugin in a separate pane as well as the compilation and plugin hot-reload logs.

Zellij plugins can of course be developed out of the terminal as well.