By default Zellij will look for config.yaml in the config directory.


mkdir ~/.config/zellij
zellij setup --dump-config > ~/.config/zellij/config.yaml

The default config directory order is as follows:

  • --config-dir flag

  • ZELLIJ_CONFIG_DIR env variable

  • $HOME/.config/zellij

  • default location

    • Linux: /home/alice/.config/zellij
    • Mac: /Users/Alice/Library/Application Support/org.Zellij-Contributors.Zellij
  • system location (/etc/zellij)

In order to pass a config file directly to zellij:

zellij --config [FILE]

or use the ZELLIJ_CONFIG_FILE environment variable.

To start without loading configuration from default directories:

zellij options --clean

To show the current default configuration:

zellij setup --dump-config