These commands can be invoked with zellij [SUBCOMMAND]. For more details, each subcommand has its own help section when run with the --help flag (zellij [SUBCOMMAND] --help).

attach [session-name]

short: a

Zellij will attempt to attach to an already running session, with the name [session-name]. If given no [session-name] and there is only one running session, it will attach to that session.

The attach subcommand will also accept the optional options subcommand.


short: ls

Will list all the names of currently running sessions.

kill-sessions [target-session]

short: k

Will kill the session with the name of [target-session], if it is currently running.


short: ka

Will prompt the user to kill all running sessions.


Can be used to change the behaviour of zellij on startup. Will supercede options defined in the config file. To see a list of options look here.


Functionality to help with the setup of zellij.

--checkCheck the configuration
--cleanStart with default configuration
--dump-configDump the default configuration file to stdout
--dump-layout [LAYOUT]Dump a specified default layout file to stdout
--generate-completion [SHELL]Generate completions for the specified shell


These flags can be invoked with zellij --flag.

--helpDisplay the help prompt
--debugGather additional debug information
--versionPrint version information