Zellij Run

Zellij includes a top-level run command that can be used to launch a new Zellij pane running a specific command:


$ zellij run -- git diff


    -c, --close-on-exit            Close the pane immediately when its command exits
        --cwd <CWD>                Change the working directory of the new pane
    -d, --direction <DIRECTION>    Direction to open the new pane in
    -f, --floating                 Open the new pane in floating mode
    -h, --help                     Print help information
    -i, --in-place                 Open the new pane in place of the current pane, temporarily suspending it
    -n, --name <NAME>              Name of the new pane
    -s, --start-suspended          Start the command suspended, only running after you first presses

Note: to shorten this command to a more friendly length, see Completions under: CLI

This new pane will not immediately close when the command exits. Instead, it will show its exit status on the pane frame and allow users to press <ENTER> to re-run the command inside the same pane, or <Ctrl-c> to close the pane.

We feel this is a new and powerful way to interact with the command line.