Plugin Upgrade Guide for version 0.38.0

Version 0.38.0 includes some breaking changes for plugins. This guide aims to provide a check list for plugin authors to quickly update their plugins:


Plugins are now configurable. This means that the load lifecycle-method now includes an additional configuration parameter which is an arbitrary list of key/value strings. For more info, please see configuration.

If you don't want to use the configuration, you can include a second configuration parameter in the load function and not use it. For a rust example, see:


Starting from this version, Zellij includes a permission system to give more power to users over the plugins they load. Many Events and Commands now require certain permissions. If your plugin relies on these commands, you'll need to include a request_permission command in your load method to prompt the user to give your plugin these permissions. For a rust example, please see:

protocol buffers

Starting this version, plugins use protocol buffers to communicate across the wasm boundary. If you're using the official sdk (zellij-tile) this should be transparent to you, and you can remedy any issues by compiling against the latest zellij-tile version (0.38.0 as well).

The upshot of this is that this change should make plugins forwards compatible (barring API behavior change of course).