Example Plugins


harpoon preview

harpoon enables quick navigation to your favorite panes. You can use a to add the current pane to your harpoon list. You can navigate harpoon using Up, Down, or using vim navigation. To go to the pane you just press Enter.


jbz preview

jbz simply spawn all your just commands wrapped in bacon, each one in a new pane.


Monocle preview

Monocle is a fuzzy finder for file names and their contents.

It can

  • Open results in your $EDITOR (scrolled to the correct line), as floating or tiled panes.
  • Open a new terminal pane to the location of the file, as a floating or tiled pane.
  • Ignore hidden files and respect your .gitignore.

If you press ESC or Ctrl c, it will hide itself until you call it again.


multitask plugin preview

This Zellij plugin is a "mini-ci". It allows you to specify commands that will run in parallel, keeping track of completed commands and their exit status. Only progressing to the next step if all the commands in the previous step succeeded.

Did one command fail? No problem! Fix the issue, re-run it with ENTER and the pipeline will continue.


room preview

room is for quickly searching and switching between tabs. You can use Tab, Up, or Down to cycle through your tab list and then press Enter to switch to the selected tab. You can start typing to filter the tab list and you use Esc or Ctrl + c to exit.



zellij-forgot is a plugin to quickly help you access and search through a customizable list of items. Can't remember your keybindings? Zellij-forgot can help you. Struggling to recall the names of all your cats? Zellij-forgot's got you covered!


zjstatus preview

zjstatus is a highly customizable status bar for Zellij. It has various widgets that can be styled to your liking, including such niceties as a system clock and even the ability to remove pane frames if there's only one pane on screen.