Installation options for Zellij are currently limited as the app is undergoing very heavy development.

Currently Binaries are produced for both Linux and MacOS.

However it is available in some public repositories.

Rust - Cargo

For instructions on how to install Cargo see here:

Once installed run:

cargo install zellij

Binary Download

Binaries are made available each release for the Linux and MacOS operating systems.

It is possible to download the binaries for these here:

Once downloaded, untar the file:

tar -xvf zellij*.tar.gz

check for the execution bit:

chmod +x zellij

and then execute Zellij:


Include the directory Zellij is in, in your PATH Variable if you wish to be able to execute it anywhere.


move Zellij to a directory already in your PATH Variable.

Compiling Zellij From Source

"Under Construction"